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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Homeschool 2010-2011

Thought I would post the curriculum we're using this year. I love reading what others are using for their kids and hate that I hardly ever see what others are using for their older kids. So, I will.

I have a highschooler and a 4th/5th grader this year.

Viper (13yrs.)
One Year Adventure Novel

We're using a tutor from Los Angeles, named John Rosasco
to study Conceptual Geometry, Trig and other higher math concepts.

I decided to use Apologia's Chemistry text this year. I have really struggled with finding quality science curricula that is not purely Christian in its focus. This science text seems to be working for now. It was a bit of a struggle just reading the text and answering questions. BORING! But now, I bought the DVD/supplement lecture material from Red Wagon Tutorials, and that is making it more interesting.

Viper is auditing a U.S. History class at the local community college this semester. He is doing great, carrying an A average so far. Whew!

He is also taking the following:
Spanish 2 - Rosetta Stone

Web Design this semester and next semester 3D Design

U.S. Geography using these notebook pages -

His literature correlates to his American history and/or character building. I will try to place a list here sometime soon.

Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Level D

Daily Grams, Grade 11

He is also taking a college level piano course with a private tutor and continuing with his karate training. He will be testing for his black belt in December (we hope).

I have to run but will post Charger's curricula later today.

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