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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charger's Homeschool Curriculum 2010-2011

I just realized that I wrote about Viper's curriculum this year, but neglected to come back and write about Charger's. Here goes...

Teaching Textbooks 5-6
This curriculum seems to be working out okay.  We are moving pretty quickly through it and hope to finish both books this school year.
We're also supplementing with Key to...books.  We are doing the Fractions book right now, and I am loving the step by step method it uses.

Sonlight dictation exercises.
We're continuing on with Handwriting Without Tears Cursive again this year, since handwriting is probably Charger's most difficult area.  Ideas are all there - writing them down still seems torturous.

We're using both Vocabulary Workshop Orange from Sadlier-Oxford (k12) and Vocabulary from Classical Roots 4 (k12).  I LOVE the Vocab/Classical Roots series.  I have used this for years with Viper and his understanding and use of vocabulary is amazing.  We'll finish the Workshop book by Christmas and move onto VfCR in the next semester.
No spelling this year, since Charger does not have any problem in this area.

Mainly using Sonight 4 grammar sheets but also supplementing with Exercises in English Level D (k12).

Sonlight 4 readers
Lots of library picks
Also, some from the workbook - Nonfiction Reading Comprehension, 6

Sonlight 4 program
History Pockets - Civil War and more as we move through the year

Sonlight 4 science program
Scientist biographies from the library
Following along with some of his older brother's chemistry experiments

U.S. geography through Notebook Pages

We had started typing using Typing Tutor software, but his computer crashed, and we gotta find the $$$ to replace it.

I am also utilizing some fun stuff from edHelper and superteacher.com and anything else I find that would be fun for him.

He's continuing with piano lessons and thoroughly enjoyed playing tackle football for the first time this year.  We're so sad the season is over...

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