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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Craft #1

Ok, so I'm feeling all accomplished and everything since I actually completed a CHRISTMAS CRAFT before December even rolled around! Let me point out all that is AMAZING in that last sentence.

First, the fact that I am even crafting is shocking even myself! I am not that kinda girl people - I'm the "let's go throw the football" kinda girl and I'll just go BUY a pillowcase kinda girl.

Second, ummm...I started AND FINISHED a project before the intended holiday rolled around!!!

Now, this craft was a pretty simple one (after I finally figured out what that sausage-like roll of fabric could actually turn into). The one tricky thing for me was figuring out how to do the "applique" portion of the project. (And please don't comment to say that my applique isn't finished yet - I know, I know. Getting to that this evening.)

What caught me by surprise was the intricacy of Heat N Bond. Yes, I know many of you are laughing, thinking to yourself - Heat N Bond - easy peasy! And yes, in the end it was easy peasy. But, why o' why don't they tell you NOT to iron your Bond sheet to your fabric "snowflake" while using your ironing board????

I seemed to have missed that key instruction of maybe placing it on wax paper or marble or super duper teflon!!!

I'm off to find the post on sewing your own ironing board cover....

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  1. Thanks! It's actually a kit from Connecting Threads. Super easy - but I'm not the most experienced crafter out there! Obviously...