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Monday, November 29, 2010

Freezer Paper Tee Tutorial

Did you know that freezer paper will stick to material and make a perfect temporary template???  Yeah, me either!

Inspired by the "I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar" blog. I have had a blast making t-shirts for Charger using freezer paper templates.  The possibilities are endless...

(This is a pretty long post, so grab some coffee and/or chocolate, sit back and....)
Here's what you're gonna need.

Any design you want to transfer
Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint - I used Tulip Matte paint that I found at Hobby Lobby
Exacto Knife
Paint Brushes

Here's my design.  I had a hard time finding a Christmas-themed design for a 10 year old boy, so I just made one.  It's printed out on regular paper, and I just cut the paper to make it easier to manage.
Tape this down to your cutting board or self-healing mat.

Place a piece of freezer paper (shiny side down) on top of your design, and tape it down to your mat as well.

Carefully, cut around your design with an exacto knife.  Be careful not to make any extra cuts in your freezer paper.  This will help you not have any of your paint seeping underneath later.

Here's my stencil all cut out.  Notice the small circles up above?  Make sure to keep those "holes", so that you can place them back in your "o" when you iron your freezer paper onto your shirt.

(Pretend you see a picture of me ironing the freezer paper to the shirt now.)

Go ahead and iron your t-shirt and decide where you want to place your stencil.  I decided to place it vertically up the side of Charger's shirt.

Then, place your freezer paper SHINEY SIDE DOWN onto your shirt and iron over it.  Make sure you really go over the small pieces of your template to make sure they are stuck down really well to avoid the paint seeping underneath.

Here, I have started to paint my stencil. Can you see the freezer paper ironed onto the white t-shirt up above?  When you're painting, try to go FROM the freezer paper onto the t-shirt.  Avoiding that paint seeping once again...

Here, I have painted my entire stencil area twice to make sure the paint is really dark.  My boy sure doesn't want a pink and white shirt!

Next, you just need to carefully pull the freezer paper off of your tee.  See those "holes" in my "o's"?  Just get your exacto knife and a pair of tweezers, peel it up...and...


Here's my tee basically finished.  Now, I just need to let this dry according to the fabric paint directions (mine said 4 hours).

After looking at it for a while, I added some shadow to it in black to try to make it a bit more masculine.

After all the paint had dried, I placed a dry washcloth over the design and ironed over it once last time.  This heat set the paint, and now it can safely be washed over and over again.  I think I'll turn it inside out each time, but I'm not sure you really have to do that.

Here's the finished product.

I also made a Star Wars themed shirt for Charger since that's his favorite.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment...actually leave me a comment anyway - just to show you're out there!


  1. I can't wait to try it! You are turning into a craft queen!