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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally! August - December 2010 Recap

Well, that took me long enough.  Finally, I'm back to the site to recap 2010 from August to December.

[click on the image to see it larger]

1. Halloween brought homemade costumes. Both boys were Kingdom Hearts (a video game) characters.

2. In September, my mom travelled with me and the boys to Austin, Tx to see the Capitol.

3.  Love, love, love that pic of Viper.

4.  Right before Christmas, my nephew and his wife were able to come and visit.  We all enjoyed the Festival of Lights.

5.  This Fall was FULL of FOOTBALL for Charger.


7.  Yes, there were naughty times, but Santa still showed up.

8.  Viper wearing his new glasses.

9.  Charger's birthday was in October, and he was surprised with tickets to see the NFL Chargers play ball.

10.  Sweet boy (but don't tell him I said that...).

11.  Viper got his Level 1 black belt.  That boy has earned it!

12.  With the Fall weather, my mom and I took up quilting small projects.  That's my Thanksgiving wall hanging.

We had a great year and can't wait to see what 2011 has in store.


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