January Background

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crystal Morning

Every morning here on the "farm that is really a ranch", I take the dogs out on a walk to the creek and back.  It's a ritual, a routine to get the day going.  The dogs get out, the cows get checked on, and I'm able to wake up due to the cold, crisp bite to the air. :-)

This morning, I opened the door to what looked like fog "attached" to the ground.  Walking out into the field, I found every blade, stick and rock covered in tiny, spike-like crystals.  It made everything look like pine. 

I, of course, had my camera with me and took shots of the "ice needles".  But, me being "me" left my camera/computer connection cable at home.  DUH!

Apparently, the "ice needles" are actually called soft rime.  Here's a google image I found.


So pretty!

(expect a few photo-heavy posts from the "farm that is really a ranch" when we get back to the 'burbs)



  1. Can't waitto them!


  2. That should say can't wait to see them.