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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Memories (the first half, at least)

Well, I'm a bit behind since it's already January 2nd, but I wanted to put some of my favorite memories of 2010 here.  Here's the first half of the year...
January - July 2010

[click on the collage to see it larger]

1. Mike caved, and we got a "pool" this year.  We all have had a lot of fun in it even though it was small and has been a mess to take down...

2. I now have a TEENAGER in my house!

3. Classic Matthew look...

4. Did I mention that I now have a TEENAGER in my house????

5. The farm in February.  The boys love playing on the well house, and I guess Rocket does too!

6. Jake attended a math camp at Texas A&M and had a great experience.

7. Camping at Garner State Park in May.  Sooooo fun!

8. Jake also attended YAP camp at Texas A&M this year - this was at the awards ceremony.

9. Fun in the pool all summer long.

10. Matthew really made a lot of progress in piano in the past year.  This was his recital in May, playing Star Wars. (click here for Matt's recital link)

11. The blue bonnets were fabulous this year, although my talent at getting a good photo with them was lacking...

12. Boys climbing and exploring while camping.

13. Music man.

14. February was cold at the farm.

15. Piper the cat - just because...

16. Jake was excited to stay at A&M for a week of camp.

17. Princess Piper.

18. Michael hiking during our camping trip.

19. The creek.

20. Jake got braces this year. Fun!

21.  Matthew got to meet his favorite author, John Erickson, who writes the Hank the Cowdog series.  Talk about one of the "best days ever"!!!!

I'll be back with the rest of the year later today.


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