January Background

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fancher Farm

We made it to our "farm that is actually a ranch" in Arkansas yesterday evening.  It's snowy and cold...and beautiful. The kids and dogs are having a blast playing in the white fluff.  We thought the little dog, Buster, would scoff and cower in the face of snow up to his belly, but we're actually having a hard time getting him to come inside.


Just a few minutes ago, I knew we had definitely left the 'burbs for the country.  Charger came running up to the house, nose and cheeks red, Rocket the Wonder Dog close at his heels.  He burst into the house, yelling "MOM, DAD - we have a PROBLEM!"

Thoughts of cracking ice over creekbeds and ponds raced through my head. Both boys and both dogs had been outside for quite a while.

Charger continued, "There's a DEAD CHICKEN in the hay fields and BUSTER is EATING IT!!!"

OMG - I'm soooo glad my husband is still here and was just about to head outside to play with the boys.  I think I'll let HIM handle this one!

And now, I know why it's been hard to get Buster to come inside out of the cold. YUCK!



  1. So, if it is freezing... the chicken is preserved... so you can cook it for dinner!! Did Buster reach deep down and pull out his K9 instincts and kill it? Never a dull moment on the farm!!

  2. eeeuuuu! Yuck!! Now you see why I'm a city person!