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Monday, February 21, 2011

Upholstery Learning Curve

I have finished the painting in the RV!!! YEA!!! It looks soooo much better already!

Next on the list is re-upholstering the furniture. It was bad before, but with the new paint, it's even worse.  I have been looking for upholstery for our RV for a while now.  Today, my mom, the boys and I went out to a wholesale fabric store.  The store was huge and had such a great selection of fabrics. I told my mom, "If I can't find something here, I'm never going to find it!"

We looked and looked and looked (while the boys happily played DS in the corner).  Finally, I found a fabric that I just kept coming back to over and over.  The color just drew me in.  It had to be it. 

After looking at a ka-jillion fabrics (that's a real number - for reals), I just went back to that one fabric that pulled me to it.  I got 27 yards of it in one fell swoop. :-O  Yes I DID!!!  My mom suggested getting a sample and coming home with it, but I was ready to buy something. So, just like that, I had 27 yards of green fabric for the chairs and sofa and 2 yards of a multi-colored stripe for the dinette.  Whew!

When we got home, my mom and I took the fabric into the RV to take a look.  Of course it was getting dark by this time, and the fabric looked a little...different...in the pale light of day...hmmmm...27 yards...a bit different shade than in the store...panic???  Nope, it will be FINE!!!!!!!!  Just keep telling me that...please...

Anyway, I came to grips with the fabric (which will be FABULOUS) and came inside to take a look at taking apart the original fabric on the chair.

Earlier today, my husband emailed with a great find on a pneumatic staple gun.  $30 shipped for free from Amazon - PERFECT!  I jumped on that and ordered it this morning before heading out to the fabric store.  YEA ME!  I am SO getting this project done!

Back to this evening.  I turned the chair over to take a look at how it was put together in the factory.  I noticed some clips holding the fabric to the metal braces. No problem, I can get those off and re-use them.  GREAT! 

Then I started looking closer.  The more I looked, the more worried I got. Suddenly, I realized there was not a speck of wood on this chair!  The frame seemed to be made entirely of metal.  No biggie except I just bought a nifty-neato pneumatic staple gun (that I was VERY excited to use) and that would NOT be any help to me whatsoever.

Instead, I find that what I need to purchase are called hog rings.  Let me say that again, HOG RINGS and a set of HOG RING pliers. HOG RINGS are used with chicken wire, in the making of crabbing baskets and apparently in RV upholstery projects.  FUN! (maybe...)

This project just keeps getting better and better.



  1. You said you wanted a project.... It'll be fine. You'll have loads of fun. The fabric will be fine.

  2. It is a challenge I know you can conquer!!!! Someone specific just needs to say, "that can't be done!" Then you'll be all over it like hogs on a rings (with special pliers)!! The fabric looks great!! NO FEAR!! You go, you RV warrior goddess, you!