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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Greetings from the Farm (that's really a RANCH!)

Since my internet isn't cooperating here at the Farm that is really a Ranch, I thought I would take a chance and just post photos. If the internet continues to work, I'll try to add captions so they will even make some sense! :-)

This is Matt's calf - Sally Mae. She is now hand-fed and loves to be scratched.

This is one of many "mamas" - we named her Dunce Cap!

Bull, Mamas and Babies
The bull is the big lazy black one laying down on the job.

Crazy Horns - can you see them?
One points up and the other straight at ya!


Onto other topics...This is the basement BEFORE.
AFTER pictures will be out soon.

A Cool Find

A Not-So-Cool Find: Preserves from 1981 and older.
Peaches anyone??? 


Seriously MOM - Look AWAY!!!
Close Your Eyes and Sing LALALALA!!!

There are NO MORE cute pictures MOM.
Just check back tomorrow!

Matt's First Rabbit - He Couldn't be Happier!

That's all for now. I need to download and then if the internet holds out - I will post more.


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