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Friday, July 1, 2011

Playing at the Park

The boys and I stopped in Memphis on our way to Nashville and then onto Washington D.C.  My nephew and his wife live there, so we crashed with them for a night. THANKS GUYS!

I had planned to take the boys to Graceland - every kid needs to meet The King!!!  But, the timing just didn't work out.  We still had 3-4 hours to kill before heading to meet the hubster in Nashville though.

Shelby Farms had a new park that I had heard was great - the Woodland Discovery Playland. So, we headed there for the afternoon. My kids are getting a bit old for playgrounds, but this one looked like it might have activities for their ages.

It was GREAT!!!

Three Story Tower Slide

Huge pit for sliding and climbing.

The design was just so cool. They have all these circular "cages" which they will grow vines onto. They also serve to feed kids into the various play areas.

Huge area with kid-powered swings and rides.

And this great climbing area which went high and low - in and out!

What a cool park - even for big kids!



  1. I WANT TO GO!!

  2. Are you all still traveling?? What a great experience for kids :)

    By the way, as you can tell ... I'm so not an expert on chickens but you are free to ask away anytime and I'll see if my failures can build your successes :)